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With individual business employee numbers somewhere between two and twenty the small to medium business (SMB) sector is acknowledged as the engine of the economy in Australia providing the infrastructure and services that allow the economy to grow and prosper. SMB is the area where businesses are often in their growth phase. As with most business the telephone system is the primary channel for customer contact so functionality is important. Economy in capital expenditure and outgoing costs is important. For the SMB the ability to grow is also important. On all of these points Hybrex digital systems can provide a valuable asset. From the small enterprise where four incoming lines and eight handsets is a common configuration to the medium enterprise where ten or more incoming lines, possibly with ISDN indial ranges, and the appropriate number of handsets may be the case, Hybrex can provide a system that is economic in equipment outlay, has the ability to minimise and or regulate ongoing outlay, and combines the ability to grow without needing replacement. This is a powerful combination. In the SMB sector the configuration of the telephone system is dictated by the nature of the business. For a small business the Hybrex G1E may be adequate. Approaching the medium enterprise size the Hybrex G2 is the next step up with the same programming options essentially as the G1E but with 48 ports available and the option for future upgrade to GDS. The Hybrex GDS however is the platform of choice, both in extended feature availability and growth potential, and will create the sought after business advantage. Whatever the equipment type employed the defining factors are the features provided by a Hybrex system. Hybrex Feature advantages for Small to Medium Business include: Full range of trunk types available PSTN, ISDN and VoIP. Extension equipment options for all needs Digital, Analogue, Doorphones, and Remote. Flexible programming power including remote programming ability. Extensive range of options for inward call handling. Conference Facilities and conference rooms. Integrated Voicemail Options and option multiples for GDS. Outgoing Call Cost Reduction measures including LCR, VoIP trunking and multi-site networks. Hot-Desking with Hybrex Mobile Office. Hybrex has the solutions for SME, and CommsCo can provide the certified professional and technical services to implement the perfect system for your business.
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